Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Schneier in print

The Great God Schneier has released his wisdom of the ages upon us once more. This time he's giving you a withering stare on the front cover.
"The closest the security industry has to a rock star" has combined all his essays together for bedtime reading! Now if only I had £20 ($40) to get a signed copy. Does this mean the last page is a hash of the book encrypted using his private key? :)

CSI Stick me baby

This is sooooooo cool, I want one, I want one, gimme, gimme.

Now off to practice my slight of hand and magic fingers so I can connect it to phones without people seeing! :)


"Lloyds is Pants" no good enough PWD

This made me laugh, apparently abusing a service provider via your password is not appropriate:

However, what is more disconcerting is the apparent ability in some cases, for business users only, Employees of Lloyds can read your complete password. This seems somewhat ridiculous as businesses surely would have more money flowing through their accounts than an individual, so would become a richer target! IT MAKES NO SENSE (as Tim Westwood would say).


P.S. Thanks to Schneier

Bad security by design/stupidity

Heads up to the great god schneier for pointing us to this one. Looks like the Tornado Plus encrypted USB drive is the perverbial pile of poo. Check out this rather scathing write up on Tech republic by Tom Olzak.


Monday, 8 September 2008

What was that you said about physical security?

Only just picked this up from July: The FT and Sainsbury's online store were affected because of a theft of equipment at their ISP's unmanned facility... The ISP is Cable and Wireless and Norwich Union have just signed a big deal with them...